11 comments on “Autumn ’12 previews

  1. Glad I could provide some info on the series! I actually went out specifically seeking the manga when I saw that it was on the list and there was no info on it. I’m also not surprised about the lack of information simply because it…. well, it is what it is!

    • Like I said, a cruel move on the part of its producers, trying not to put anyone off watching it by providing next to no information on it and ensuring what little information is provided portrays it as some light-hearted high-school-based comedy…

      Thank-you for the helpful review!

  2. There is so many anime I’m going to have to try out before I can determine what ones to watch. It almost seems like the potentially good anime out way the potentially bad ones. I mean there is only one with onee-chan in the title and about three that will be harems so that leaves us with a whole bunch of more original plots and characters. What are you looking forward to most?

    • Unfortunately I can’t afford myself such a luxury as simply trying shows out, I must stand by what I’ve selected beforehand and stick it out- this stupid “I will not drop a single show” oath…

      But fortunately, it is looking positive, isn’t it? There’s not even one show set in the tumultuous Sengoku period either!

      What I’m looking forward to the most? It’s a tie between Hikari Litchi Club and Shin Sekai Yori, Jormungand 2 following close behind, what about you? Robotics;Notes?

  3. Japanese history is abused in anime so I’m glad they are giving it a rest for now. I used to be like that as I couldn’t drop anime but I’ve seen too many bad ones lately I drop them left right and center. Like you I’m looking forward to Jormungand and I think Shin Sekai Yori is worth giving a shot. Robotic;Notes is my most anticipated series this season.

    It is looking positive there is loads of anime I want to try out.

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    • Thank-you very much! I actually really struggled writing about a couple of shows due to a lack of information on them at the time of writing, so the fact you still found it informative is good to know!

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