5 comments on “Watashi wa bucho!! Six Months On

  1. glad to see your doing fine. I could imagine that having a drivers test is fearful (we sit in a car all the time yet when we put ourselves at the wheel, we suddenly create fear…well, i don’t actually know yet lol). have fun in the US!

    • Driving’s pretty scary! I’m so conscious that I’m sitting behind the wheel of something with the power to hurt (or worse) other people. I guess that it’s not such a bad thing to be cautious, but I hope to relax some more over time, all the same!

  2. Congrats on getting the license! My driver’s test was a hot mess because I was so nervous. I think the only reason I passed was because me tester person took pity on me haha. But that was y e a r s ago. 😭😭 I’m glad you’re still blogging a bit here and there. I hope you can get the blog to where you want it one day. Growth can be a very slow process but your blog is amazing and I know it shall come. 🙂🙂

    • I think I read in one of your posts that you race. Is that true? If so, that’s awesome! I’m too scared to go over 50mph! Do you have any tips to relax into driving?

      Thanks for the encouragement! It goes a long way, believe me!

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