8 comments on “30 Days of Anime Challenge – #28 My Favourite Quote

  1. I’d like to think I could have fought back against fate, in your shoes — but I most likely would’ve have had to do so from the start!

    Kudos to you, I’m sure it wasn’t easy so far, and the struggle still seems to go on!

    Thanks for the post.

    • No, it wasn’t easy, but, like I said, I’m in a much better place now that I’m an adult living away from home! I don’t share stuff like that for sympathy, or anything like that, it’s just hard talking about the profound effect that anime has had on me without getting a bit personal from time to time! X D

  2. Those are very serious things. I’m glad you can mention them without having too much of an issue. Very brave Ty. Be proud of yourself, in able to at least getting away from that. The psychological scarring are there. But with each day or passing time, hopefully those memories will pass and be nothing but a distant memory for you. Be ever so proud of yourself Ty!.

    The next bit will be very honest and even toxic, especially coming from me.

    I was also bullied at school. Nothing extensive as most – luckily I nipped it in the bud. As you probably know I come from a large family. I don’t have a strong family ties with my older siblings or my mother. For years, they put me down as much as they could, just so they could look good. They spoke ill of me in front of my child hood friend or anyone they could behind my back. This in turn has built up years of resentment & hatred towards them. They are nothing but toxic, ignorant people.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you have a strained relationship with your family. Blood is important, but it isn’t everything. I’ve found that, so long as you’ve got a few close friends who support you and let you be yourself, it’s possible to get by, even without the support of your family.

      • Yeah, it’s strained. It’s peaceful for.. now. You’re right blood isn’t everything. Absolutely, close friends can make a difference.

        I’m just sooo glad that you’re out of that situation you were in. And found a much happier life for yourself. You deserve it!!.

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  4. “It’s not about *if* I can. I’m doing this because I want to. I decided long ago that I’m going to be King of the Pirates. If I have to die fighting for that, then I die.”
    – Monkey D. Luffy
    One Piece, Episode 1

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